Cooking without garlic or onion…

How they are related: both a type of plant called allium.
Why we use them: they are aromatics, adding a savory aroma + flavor to foods.

Possible Substitutes:

Vegetable Substitutes:
• Fennel: The licorice-like taste is great with chicken and fish; caramelize the chopped bulb at the beginning of cooking and add the diced fronds at the end, just before serving.

• Celery: This seems like a bland choice, but caramelized celery lends a wonderful aroma and flavor to a variety of dishes.

• Celeriac, or celery root: This knobby root (related to one celery variety) is an excellent replacement for garlic. Peel, dice and saute at the beginning of cooking.

• Bell peppers: As with celery, sautéed bell peppers are an excellent way to start off a dish, whether it’s rice pilaf or a savory stew.

• Carrots: Carrots and celery, sautéed together, will give you the aromatics you crave.
Herb and Spice Substitutes:
• Garlic chives: This herb has a garlicky flavor (hence the name), and it might seem like an obvious substitute, but be careful if you’re managing a true food allergy because chives are in the allium family.

• Peppercorns: Choose white, pink, green or Szechuan peppercorns (or a blend of a few) for that same pungent quality you get from garlic.

• Cumin: Cumin has a wonderful toasted/smoky flavor so use it in dishes where you’re looking for that taste and aroma.

• Horseradish: A little freshly grated horseradish lends the sharp note you get from fresh garlic.

• Ginger: Same as above — freshly grated ginger adds a nice kick.

• Galangal: Looks like ginger and popular in Thai cooking, grate the fresh root as you would ginger for a piney, sharp flavor and distinct citrus aroma.

• Garlic powder: Although the powder is made from dehydrated, finely ground garlic, if you don’t have a true food allergy, you might find that the powder doesn’t aggravate your symptoms, especially if you use a small amount.





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